You are a

multi-dimensional individual navigating a difficult world.


Hi, I'm Kate (she/her), and I'm a licensed therapist providing video and phone therapy to adults and teens residing in California. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Bay Area is a diverse and exciting place to grow up in, live, and work. Yet many people would agree it can be hard to feel fulfilled in their day-to-day lives here. High living costs and an all-pervasive culture of competition are tough to navigate as it is. Those of us with marginalized identities due to our race, culture, class, gender, and sexuality face additional layers of stress that make life even more challenging.

For some, these experiences combine with internal processes—memories, ways of thinking, automatic physical responses—and cause our minds and bodies significant distress. While on the surface we may look like we’re “fine”—successful, even—inside, we are suffering. We are weighed down by the pressure to succeed, the struggle to feel understood, and a deep-rooted shame in asking for help.

We feel that we are not enough.

At my private therapy practice, my goal is to create a space to process and validate your nuanced experiences in the world, where you feel capable to mobilize your inner resilience to heal and change. I want you to feel that you are enough.