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Mom Village:
Support Groups for Decolonizing Moms

Mom Village: Support Groups for Decolonizing Moms was created to meet the needs of our community’s growing awareness of the challenges faced by new parents, mothers in particular, toward being well as they adjust to the demands of their new role. Our offerings include in-person groups in San Jose, California, virtual group therapy for California residents, and virtual group support for parents EVERYWHERE.

Keep scrolling for more info on our featured groups, social justice-informed pricing, and how to sign up.

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What is Mom Village?

Our groups are for “decolonizing moms,” meaning that they are geared towards new mothers and parents who value resisting oppressive messaging and systems that are harmfully normalized in mainstream Western society, causing unnecessary harm to our human psyches during one of the most intense and challenging periods of our life. Decolonizing is a lifelong practice. Decolonizing is healing work for oneself and for generations to come.

Even if you are new to decolonizing and/or social justice work, if the above resonates with you, we invite you into our Mom Village! And for moms and parents who have been on this journey for a while, we are honored to benefit from your wisdom and to have you continue your decolonizing practice alongside our community.

Some of our groups are structured as limited series (each lasting about 6 weeks/sessions) facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist, each focused on a particular topic or subpopulation in motherhood and parenthood. Other groups are ongoing and accept new members on a rolling basis.

Mom Village: Late Fall 2023 Groups

Support Group for First-Year Moms starts Monday, 10/30.

5 members per group max.
Click on the group you are interested in for more info!

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This group will meet in person at an indoor location in San Jose, CA (Cambrian neighborhood). Babies 1 and under welcome to join. Due to virus season, face masks are encouraged though not required. Come find community in your first year of motherhood (or first year of your youngest child) .

After registering for this group, new members of Mom Village will be contacted for a consultation call to complete their registration.

Pricing Options Grounded in Social Justice

Our support groups are grounded in the value of social justice and an intention of decolonizing institutions where systemic oppression tends to get repeated—such as in education and health/mental health care. To that end, it is important to make our groups accessible, while also honoring the labor and ability to thrive of the facilitators. For these reasons, Mom Village registrants are offered the ability to choose the fee that is best for them, in consideration of several personal characteristics and circumstances as outlined in the detailed description of each group.

No matter your fee, you will get the FULL experience of the group.

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